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Marine-blue mens tuxedo vest.

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navy blue tuxedo vest and bowtie by San Miguel Formals

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    Here we have a true marine-blue tuxedo vest, made with gorgeous fabric and excellent craftsmanship. This vest line by San Miguel Formals, are our best selling tuxedo vests and our customers love them. It's a proven winner because the color is deep and the fit is excellent. This marine-blue was specifically designed to match the marine-blue bridal so popular in todays wedding boutiques. We have a 5 star tuxedo shop in California for over 30 years, and our customers love this marine-blue color whether or not it's for a wedding, because it looks elegant on it's own when worn by anyone who likes blue color. Another really great thing about this vest is that it only has a 4 button closure, so you still get to see some of the shirt and studs on the shirt. That was very important to us that the vest not come up to high, as to cover the shirt and the studs. Some vests are so high, it seems to me like all you can see is the vest and not the shirt or tie. And from my years of experience fitting all different builds of mens bodies, I can tell you that 5 button vests fit a little weird at the top button if the man is chesty or if he has a belly. Yes it's true, the 5 or even 6 button vests get a little funky at the top, and the guys don't like it. That's why our most popular vest line, San Miguel Formals, is only 4 buttons. After 30 years of doing this and fitting so many gentlemen, we know a thing or two about quality and fit. See for yourself, by looking at the photographs we took here at out tuxedo shop and tell me this San Miguel marine-blue vest doesn't look awesome! Pictures don't lie!
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    Imported Imported
    Brand San Miguel Formals
    Vest Color Blue
    Vest Buttons 4 Button
    Vest Fabric Luxurious Synthetic
    Vest Quality Best
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