Velvet Tuxedos

We have a large selection of Velvet Tuxedos for sale.

What is a good occasion for a Vevet Tuxedo?

Velet tuxedos are great for many occasions. For example, Velvet tuxedos can be used for formal events, christmas parties...

What are Velvet Tuxedos Made From?

Our Velvet tuxedos are made from imported authentic velvet from Thailand. Unfortunately, most other cheap tuxedo shops use fake synthetic velvet and will not last. 

What are poular colors for Velvet Tuxedos?

TuxBling carries Velvet Tuxedos in the following colors:

  • Red Velvet tuxedos (Mos Popular)
  • Blue Velvet Tuxedos
  • Green Velvet Tuxedos
  • Burgandy Velvet Tuxedos

How do I take care of and clean a Velvet Tuxeods?

Velvet tuxedos can only be dry cleaned. Do not attempt to.....

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Velvet Tuxedos