Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Ensemble
Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Ensemble Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Ensemble Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Ensemble

Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Ensemble


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Sapphire blue tuxedo/suit ensemble.
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Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Coat Only

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This beautiful sapphire blue ensemble is technically a tuxedo as it has a black satin top collar as well as black satin detailing on the welt pockets, however it does not have the full satin on the front of the lapels. Therefore, this garment can be used as a tuxedo or a suit. The depth of the sapphire color here is very beautiful and rich. The fabric is further stunning as you will see faint detailing of black diamond outlines sewn into the fabric. Everyone who sees this tuxedo loves it and comments on it.

Additional Information

Color Blue
Fabric Luxury Synthetic Blend
Jacket Vent Sides
Jacket Lapels Notch
Buttons 2 Button
Fit Modern
Quality Better

Sapphire Blue Tuxedo/Suit Ensemble


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